2013 1. iEAC-16 multi-service solution with SNTU 764C-2W/4W/8W and VNTU 766C have been delivered in full chassis to operators and service providers worldwide. By working with COMET Series G.SHDSL.bis modems and VNTU 767 standalone VDSL2 modems, iEAC-16 has proved its versatility to satisfy customer needs.
2. Venus 2814 Series have been widely implemented for voice broadcast over IP network application.
2012 1. New generation of managed iEAC-16 chassis system is produced and supports various line cards interface which include ENTU 763C, SNTU 764C, VNTU 766C and SNTU 765C
2. New Line card of SNTU 765C/4W based on G.SHDSL.bis standard is released which can be supported in iEAC-16 chassis and provide higher speed bandwidth of pure Ethernet transmission
3. New OEM model of DSL-1510G is supplied for the famous Telecommunication provider in worldwide
4. Wins the order of T-336Cx/Nx from ISP provider in Taiwan again
2011 1. New GEPON ONU852/C20 released
2. New Voice Recorder of ATA271 is released
3. New VoIP gateway of Venus 2932/24/15 V2 are released
4. New Digital G.SHDSL Modem of Scorpio1400E is released
5. New VoIP gateway of Venus 2932S/O is released
6. New VDSL modem of NTU series is released
2010 1. Advanced VoIP Gateway Venus 2916/2924/2932 released
2. New G.SHDSL.bis EFM/TDM dual mode Gomet 1600 series released
3. Achieved partnership with well-known TR069 ACS server provider
4. MTR-17 series being deployed in LTE backhaul network
2009 1. GPON ONT Model released
2. Ethernet First Mile G.SHDSL.bis modem released
3. Ethernet NTU released
4. Deployed GE-PON OLT8510, ONU852/853/855 series in Telecom operators
2008 1. GE-PON triple play ONUs and MDU ONUs released
2. Next Generation VoIP Gateway Venus 2908 series released
2007 1. GE-PON ONU ODM contract awarded from Tier-1 Telecom Solution vendor
2. GE-PON OLT8510, ONU852/853 released
2006 1. Ethernet over SDH Muxpro 820/8216 and Mercury 3630 STM-1 DACS released
2. Venus VoIP Gateway mass deployment in Europe Telecom operators
3. Venus Megaco-based VoIP Gateway released and ODM contract awarded from Tier-1 Telecom Solution vendor
2005 1. Venus SIP-based VoIP Gateway released
2. Deployed G.shdsl modem in Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
2004 1. Mercury series supported multiple Voice modules
2. LCD G.shdsl modem Scorpio series released
3. Cooperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop Fiber optical transmission equipment
2003 1. G.SHDSL Scorpio series released
2. SNMP based Network Management System, UNMS, a integration NMS platform for TAINET products
3. Venus MGCP-based VoIP Gateway widely deployed in China Unicom and China Railway Signal and Communication Corp.
2002 1. Venus series, Carrier class VoIP Gateway released.
2. Successfully deployed TAINET solution in major India Telecom operators
2001 IPO in Taiwan
2000 Strategic partnership with well-known vendors in VoIP
1999 1. E1/T1 HDSL series released
2. Moved to new factory in the Taipei Nei-Hu High-Tech Industrial Park
3. Launch 2M MSDSL, DSL Concentrator, Mercury DACS series and E1/E3 Fiber Multiplexer.
1998 Approved as a publicly listed company by Taiwan Securities and Futures Commission of the Ministry of Finance.
1997 Established Moscow branch office
1996 Acquired the new factory space in the Taipei Nei-Hu High-Tech Industrial Park
1995 1. Established partners in Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia and Argentina.
2. T-288 series approved by Germany BZT
3. ISO 9001 Certificated
4. DT-128 IDSL 64/128Kbps NTU released
1994 Established Beijing TAINET branch office
1992 Worlds first all-Chinese modem Network Management System
1990 TAINET Communication System Corp. founded