VNTU 766 Series

Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter

The VNTU series is the VDSL2 modem with Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL) digital modulator/demodulator processor unit for high speed 90Mbps symmetrical Ethernet broadband access. VNTU series support all committee T1E1.4 and ITU-T SG15Q4 DSL discrete multi-tone based specification, as well as IEEE 802.3 10PASS-TS.

VNTU series works as an Ethernet extender through VDSL2 lines, it provides rich Ethernet features for different applications, including firewall, IEEE 802.1Q, policy-based QoS functions such as traffic policy, traffic meter, and flexible scheduling. It also supports port-based and tag-based VLAN with up to 16 VLAN groups. VNTU series also provide high-speed dedicated symmetrical data transmission and utilizes DSL bandwidth.

.Point to point Ethernet extension over VDSL copper line
.CO and CPE mode selectable 
.Automatic line rate selection VDSL rate over 100Mbps on short loop with possible reach of 300 meters DS 
.Configurable DMT for one 100M/60Mbps DS/US 
.Trellis coding support for up to 1024 DMT bins 
.Simultaneous fast and slow path operation on any channel 
.Support all committee T1E1.4 and ITU-T SG15Q4 for VDSL 
.Support IEEE 802.3ah for 10PASS-TS (EFM) 
.Front panel status LED indicators for easy monitoring 
.Easy installation with console and WEB GUI 
.Front panel test button for easy loop diagnostic 
.Provides extensive diagnostics, including loopback, VDSL performance monitoring 
.Easy software upgrade for field-deployed units via web browser 
.Ethernet switching and bridging with VLAN prioritization and QoS 
.DSL and Ethernet port surge protection 
.Optimized symmetric band plan with up to 90M/90Mbps DS/US for special application
- VNTU 766S, stand alone VDSL NTU, 2-wire (RJ11), 1 Ethernet port 
- VNTU 766SX, stand alone VDSL NTU, Coaxial (BNC), 1 Ethernet port

Line Interface - VDSL
- Connector: 1xRJ-11 or 1xBNC 
- Type: 2 wire copper line or 1 coaxial cable 
- Standard: T1E1.4 and ITU-T SG15Q4 VDSL 
- Modulation: DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) 
- Trellis coding support for up to 1024 DMT bins 
- Frequency: 12M (non-standard 17M) 
- Band plan: 
  998 ISDN: DS 100Mb/ US 60Mb 
  997/symmetric ISDN: DS 85Mb/90Mb 
- Rate Limit, SNR, band plan can be configured 
- ITU K.21 compliant 

DTE Interface - Ethernet 
- Ethernet type: 10/100 BaseT 
- Connector: 1xRJ-45 
- Support 802.3x flow control 
- Auto-MDI/MDIX detection 
- Auto-negotiation for speed and duplex 
- Full duplex / Half duplex support 
- Support auto-polarity for 10Mbps 

Ethernet L2 function 
- Support 802.1d transparent bridge function 
- 2K MAC learning address 
- Support 802.3x flow control 
- Provide In/Out port rate control 
- Support Broadcast storm protection 
- Class of Service support port based, MAC based, VID, VLAN priority, IPv4 ToS, TCP/UDP logical port and Multi-Field 
- Support policy-based QoS 
- Support 4-level priority queues per port 
- Support 16 VLAN tables for port-based and tagged-based

- Configuration via craft port VT-100, and WEB GUI 
- Console: RJ45 connector (RS232C) 
- Support remote management 
- Local and Remote loopback for diagnostic 
- Support Performance Monitoring function 
- Front panel test button for easy loop healthy testing 
- Front panel reset to default button 

LED Indicators 

Power Requirement 
- AC/DC, DC/DC external power adapter (12V, 1A) 
- Dual 12VDC power jack input for redundancy 
- Power consumption: 6W 

- CE and FCC part 15 Class B 
- Surge protection on DSL and Ethernet port 

- 87(W) x 172(D) x 24(H) mm 

Operating Environment 
- Operation Temperature: 0 oC ~ 50 oC   
- Storage Temperature: -40 oC ~ 70 oC 
- Humidity: 90%, non-condensing