Comet 1630 Series


The Comet 1630 EFM/TDM series, is so called Ethernet Access Devices (EAD), Ethernet Media Data Converter (MDC), Ethernet Multiplexer (EMUX) or Ethernet DSL modem, which takes advantage of the latest G.SHDSL.bis standard, is a mini-terminal enabling the transport of traffic from Ethernet, E1 and Nx64k Data interface with speed 5.7M/11.4M over EFM bonded 2/4 wires G.SHDSL.bis link.

Comet 1630 EFM/TDM series supports high-speed dedicated symmetrical data transmission and utilizes DSL bandwidth. The automatic line rate can be up to 15Mbps over 2-wire copper line. Along with time-slot assignment feature, Comet 1632/1634 series provide multiple user interfaces for TDM traffic including E1 and/or Nx64k Data port and also with Ethernet traffic together.

  • Comet 1630 is a standalone model. For line card type compatible to iEAC-16, please refer to SNTU765

Support EFM and TDM Dual Bearer Mode 
Point to point Ethernet, E1 and Nx64k Data extension over multiple G.SHDSL.bis copper lines
All interfaces E1/Nx64k Data/Ethernet can work simultaneously IEEE 802.3ah EFM 2Base-TL bonding technology  
Compliant with ITU-T G.991.2 standard, TC-PAM 16/32/64/128 line coding 
1 or 2 pairs G.SHDSL.bis with 5.7Mbps per pairs 
Support extension rate up to 15Mbps over a single pair of copper 
CO and CPE mode selectable 
Automatic line rate selection with Line Probe enabled 
Front panel status LED indicators for easy monitoring 
Easy installation with console, Telnet, WEB GUI and SNMP 
Front panel test button with BERT for easily loop diagnostic 
Provides extensive diagnostics, including loopback, G.SHDSL.bis and E1 performance monitoring
Easy software upgrade for field-deployed units via TFTP or HTTP 
DSL line protection for data transmission 
Ethernet switching and bridging with VLAN prioritization and QoS 
Optional temperature-controlled FAN 
Optional Ethernet port surge protection
Support security-link feature

-Comet 1632, 2-wire, 1 E1 G.703, 1 Nx64k Data, 1 Ethernet port
-Comet 1634, 4-wire, 1 E1 G.703, 1 Nx64k Data, 1 Ethernet port

Line Interface - G.SHDSL.bis
-Type: 2 or 4-wire
-Standard: ITU-T G.991.2, ETSI 101 524
-Bonding protocol: IEEE 802.3ah EFM 2Base-TL
-Line rate: n x 64Kbps, n=3~89 (2w), 6~178 (4w)
-Connector: 1xRJ-45
-Line coding: TC-PAM 16/32/64/128
-Impedance: 135 ohm
-ITU K.21 compliant


DTE Interface - Ethernet
-Ethernet type: 10/100 BaseT
-Connector: RJ-45
-Support 802.3x flow control
-Auto-MDI/MDIX detection
-Auto-negotiation for speed and duplex
-Full duplex / Half duplex support


DTE Interface - E1
-Data Rate: 2.048 Mbps
-Connector: RJ-45 for balanced E1 120 W
(Optional external convert cable for unbalanced 75 W)
-Line coding: HDB3
-Framing: Framed /Framed+CRC /Unframed
-Compliance: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.732
-Jitter Performance: compliant with ITU-T G.823


DTE Interface - Nx64k Data
-Data Rate: n x 64Kbps, up to 4.6 Mbps
-Connector: DB-25 Female with optional adapter cable (V35/X21/RS530)
-DTE and DCE clock settings
Timing Source Function
-Synchronous and Plesiochronous dual clock mode
-Internal clock
-Received clock from DSL line
-External clock from DTE interface (E1 or Nx64k Data)


Ethernet L2 function
-Support 802.1d transparent bridge function
-Supporting Bridge filter function based on source MAC addresses
-Scalable per port bandwidth control (Step = 64K, up to 100M)
-2K MAC learning address
-Ethernet packet length up to 1522/*1664 bytes
-Support 802.3x flow control
-Provide 802.1q VLAN tagging
-Support 802.1p QoS facility


-Configuration via craft port VT-100, Telnet, WEB GUI and SNMP*
-Multiple Web browsers supported: IE, Firefox, Chrome
-Console: DB9 connector (RS232C)
-Support remote management
-Independent Local and Remote loopback for E1 and Nx64k Data port diagnostic
-Support Performance Monitoring function
-Front panel test button for easily loop healthy testing
-Front panel reset to default button


LED Indicators
-Comet 1612/1614/1622/1624/1632/1634:
 PWR, TST, ALM, CPE, DSL1~2, LAN, E1, V35
-Dual color LED for easily status monitoring


Power Requirement
-AC/DC, DC/DC external power adapter (12V, 1A)
-Dual 12VDC power jack input for redundancy
-Power consumption: 6W
-CE Approval, EN 55022, 55024, 61000-3
-CE LVD Safety, IEC-60950-1, EN 60950-1
-FCC Part 15, CISPR 22, ANSI C63.4
-ITU-T K.21

-200(W) x 150(D) x 39(H) mm

Operating Environment
-Operation Temperature: 0 o C ~ 50 o C
-Storage Temperature: -40 o C ~ 70 o C
-Humidity: 90%, non-condensing