GPON OLT – 4/8/16 PON Ports

Thanks to the increasing popularity of Video-on-Demand (VoD), VoIP and increased IPTV deployment worldwide, the eagerness for bandwidth drives the continuous growth in user bandwidth demands. The goal of fiber reaching all the way to customer premises to perform FTTH, FTTB, FTTP, and FTTC solution is Passive Optical Network technology.

TAINET’s OLT 9700 Series product provides cost-effective solution with 4/ 8/ 16 PON links, 1U height 19-inch rack mount design. The features of the OLT are small, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy, high performance. It is appropriate to be deployed in compact room environment. The OLTs can be used for Triple-Play, VPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN, and ICT applications.

TAINET OLT 9700 series product with the simple, scalable, and capable characteristics can deliver bundled voice, data, and video services to an end-user over a single network, and appear to be the best candidate and choice for your next generation access network.

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  • Features

    • Open to any brand of ONT
    • Support RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2, IPv6
    • Power backup
    • Easy to manage and friendly interface
    • Meet ITU-T G984/ G.988 standards
    • Friendly EMS/ Web/ Telnet/ CLI management
    • CLI command style likes mainstream manufacturers
    • 1U height
    • Adopt mainstream chip scheme
  • Model


  • Specifications

    • OLT 9700/4P, 4*GPON, 4*GE, 2*SFP/SFP+
    • OLT 9700/8P, 8*GPON, 8*GE, 6*SFP, 2*SFP+
    • OLT 9700/16P, 16*GPON, 8*GE, 4*SFP/SFP+
    Management Mode
    • SNMP、Telnet、CLI、WEB、SSH v1/v2
    Management Function
    • Fan Group Control
    • Port Status monitoring and configuration management
    • Online ONT configuration and management
    • User management
    • Alarm management
    Layer 2 Switch
    • 16K Mac address
    • Support 4096 VLANs
    • Support port VLAN and protocol VLAN
    • Support VLAN tag/ Un-tag, VLAN transparent transmission
    • Support VLAN translation and QinQ
    • Support storm control based on port
    • Support port isolation
    • Support port rate limitation
    • Support 802.1D and 802.1W
    • Support static LACP, Dynamic LACP
    • QoS based on port, VID, TOS, and MAC address
    • Access control list
    • IEEE802.x flow control
    • Port stability statistic and monitoring
    Layer 3 Route
    • ARP proxy, 1024 hardware host routes, 512 hardware subnet routes
    • Support 802.1X, Radius, TACACS+
    • Support IP source guard
    • Support static route
    • Dynamic route RIP v1/ v2, RIPng
    • Support OSPF v2/ v3
    • IGMP snooping
    • 256 IP Multicast Groups
    • DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP snooping, DHCP option82
    LED Indicators
    • PWR, SYS, PON, SFP/ SFP+, Ethernet
    GPON Function
    • T-CONT DBA
    • GEM port traffic
    • In compliant with ITUT984.x standard
    • Up to 20KM transmission Distance
    • Support data encryption, multi-cast, port VLAN, separation, RSTP
    • Support ONT auto-discovery/ link detection/ remote upgrade of software
    • Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm
    • Support power-off alarm function, easy for link problem detection
    • Support broadcasting storm resistance function
    • Support port isolation between different ports
    • Support ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly
    • Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system
    • Support RSTP, IGMP Proxy
    Support IPv6
    • Support NDP
    • Support IPv6 Ping, IPv6 Telnet, IPv6 routing
    • Support ACL based on source IPv6 address, destination IPv6 address, L4 port, protocol type
    • Support MLD v1/ v2 snooping (Multicast Listener Discovery snooping)
    • Support C/S & B/S architecture
    • Support auto topology or modify manually
    • Add Trap Server to detect ONT automatically
    • EMS can add and configure ONT automatically
    • Add ONT position information
  • Application