IMS Voice Softswitch System Integration

Nowadays, important industries such as, water, electricity, fuel, mining, aviation, transportation, public security and other voice communication networks. TDM time slot transmission networks are still used in these industries, because of the TDM time slot transmission can establish a strong communication connection, which is also known as a "hard channel". The "hard channel" still provides the most stable voice transmission quality even when disaster hazards occurs.

 Tainet E1/T1 ISDN SIP trunking gateway is able to extract voice stream in E1/T1 circuit of SDH/PTN bearer transport network and escapulate it into SIP protocol, register voice through IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) large-scale voice softswitch system, or the widely used IP-PBX enterprise softswitch system to achieve voice call exchange and other functions.

The hard channel TDM time slot network platform which provides by our E1/T1 ISDN SIP trunking gateway is a solution for the convergence of nowadays' softswitch based voice switching system.