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-  Data rates between 2400bps and 128Kbps (Synchronous) or between 300bps to 38.4Kbps (Asynchronous)
-  Long operating range up to 7.8KM over 24 AWG copper
-  Interfaces: V.35, G.703, RS-232
-  Optional built-in router model (WANPro 2000i)


-  Fully compatible with ITU-T V.34+ /V.34 /V.33 / V.32bis /V.32/ V.29/ V.27bis/ V.26/ V.22bis /V.22/ V.23/ V.21 / V.24/ V.28/ V.25bis/ V.54/ V.52/ V.42/V.42bis/V.14/ V.13/V.8 and Bell 212A/103
-  Achieve throughput up to 115200bps
-  TRS16 shelf with 16 users ports, single or dual-redundantpower supplies, Windows-based NMS, and Copy Profile forfast configuration


-  2U height 19" Chassis
-  17 hot-swap modular 762F or 762G 
-  Redundant AC and/or DC power modules
-  Dual hot-swap cooling fan modules
-  LED indicators for power and fan status