ENTU 783

10G Fiber Switch

SP 9880 Series

VoIP 8 Ports Gateway

RFFA 20836

LTE Wi-Fi Router

Comet 160xF-R

G.SHDSL.bis Router

FNTU 761 Series

TDMoIP Multiplexer

SP350 Series

Mini VoIP Gateway


G.SHDSL.bis FE Card

T-336 Series

V.34 Analog Modem

Mult Service Extension

Tainet Comet164x and 165x modems are perfectly designed for copper leased line distance extension to access remote devices. With Comet 16xx, the operators are able to collect data and monitor environment, control traffic signal and video surveillance system from remote site, or work as a relay access point for wireless IoT devices.

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5G creates new opportunities

The speed of 5G network rivals the broadband network; aside its capability of constructing the network systems between branches rapidly, the enterprise can also utilize the 5G network to build dedicated low latency networks for the transmission of the security sensitive data.

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