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About Tainet

 TAINET Communication System Corp. is the leader in Telecommunication Industry of Taiwan for 30 years. Our solutions are widely deployed by carriers and utility companies worldwide.

 We are provider of carrier class access equipment, our customer group targets on Telecommunication companies, Service Operators and Business users. The main products of Tainet include xDSL Modem, VoIP Gateway, Media Converter, Analog Modem, GEPON and more.

 Founded back in 1990, TAINET, a pioneering leased-line modem maker, established the first all-Chinese modem Network Management System in 1992. As the demand of new technology increased globally, Tainet not only set up branch office in Beijing and Moscow, but also established many business partners worldwide. In order to success in a rapid-changing networking industry, the engineering team of Tainet successively developed the innovative Ethernet access device and VoIP system. We remain competitive while holding on the spirit of the solution-based and service-oriented strategy

 The ultimate goal of Tainet is to provide ubiquitous Access Network applications and solutions with reliable and affordable products. Our team believes the existence of the perfect network, and it’s our duty to achieve it.

 TAINET is looking forward to being at your service in this joint endeavor.

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