TAINET Communication Systems researches, develops, manufactures, integrates, and services telecom and datacom systems using a solution-based and service-oriented strategy. Our successes are a direct result of our two greatest strengths: our professional people and our strategically positioned products. One of our core competencies is in recruiting and continuing in the training of people who exhibit outstanding technical skills.

We instill a sense of innovation and progress in our organization, where everyone, both employees and customers alike, shares in the fruits of our labor. With a deeply embedded entrepreneurial spirit, we create, manufacture, and service a brand that overwhelms competition and commands market share. By leveraging our expertise and market presence, we have succeeded in developing ever-stronger relationships with telecom operators, other network operators like CATV operators, the railroad and utility industries, the financial-banking institutions, and other corporate users around the globe.

Keep expanding local and overseas telecommunication markets, gaining a deeper understanding of how Tainet existing products are utilized, and providing communication equipment and development.

Jack Huang, General Manager