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Integrating fixed line and mobile devices – Mobile Extension

Recently Telecom providers in Taiwan are promoting the “Mobile Extension” solution for SMBs, which is a solution integrating the telephony extensions by using E1/T1 PRI ISDN Trunking Gateway to combine third party mobile APP calls with the traditional VoIP telephones. Compared with transferring calls from traditional PBX to mobile, using VoIP calls not only avoids being charged with an extra fee, but also no need to bother switching between different Telecom service providers. Major Telecom providers take advantage of the VoIP gateways to apply the mobile extension services, no matter if the client is Cloud PBX or traditional PBX users, Telecom companies can still provide them with this integrated services. Providing VoIP gateways with a total solution is the reason why Tainet is always having a head start.  

Under the impact of COVID-19, the mobile extension solution creates a new era of working environment. People now can answer their extensions no matter when and where just like staying in a mobile office. It’s also a cost efficient solution for enterprise owners for saving the cost of hardware and the maintenance expense. 

With 30 years of telecom industry experience, Tainet successfully delivered clients with the solution integrating SIP protocol VoIP gateways and mobile extension supports international VoIP calls from branches all over the world.