Wireless Access and Data Communication

From factories to environmental control, from logistics to traffic management, extending the reach of smart cities

As smart mobile devices become the basic equipment for everyone or things to access Internet information such as voice, audio and video streaming, data or communities during their movements, each mobile device has increasing requirements for wireless access bandwidth. And major operators are also competing for frequency bands and operations, accelerating the construction of mobile networks and base stations, integrating mobile networks and fixed networks, and proposing various tariff plans, value-added services and loyalty programs. Provide the most cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses to meet high-quality communication services in all walks of life.

Under the update and iteration of communication technology, LTE network is fully popularized and mobile network is in full swing, which means that communication technology will enter the era of higher speed and Internet of Everything. Through the three major technologies of high speed, low delay and large connection Features, users can enjoy multiple innovative application services such as VR, AR, 4K audio and video, bringing people an unprecedented network experience, and becoming an important technology for vertical application integration in the industry.

In order to solve the problem of business continuity in traditional industries, in addition to using Ethernet to build regional networks, Wi-Fi wireless access can be used to reduce the deployment of physical lines, and mobile network equipment can also be used for physical layer and routing layer conversion to realize the complexity of industrial wireless Ethernet network deployment. Tainet application solution is based on emerging technologies such as private network large bandwidth and Internet of Things platform, combined with the development concepts of industrial control automation, informatization, and intelligence, and empowering the integrated application of various industry scenarios to realize traditional industries moving towards smart cities reconstruction and construction.

In addition to the mobile network built by the operator, Tainet industrial wireless routing equipment is connected to the enterprise end, and the remote server can directly access the on-site PLC sensor equipment through mobile network technology and industrial control DI, DO, Relay and other interfaces. Realize data collection, control, and storage at any time, realize the mutual integration of wireless network and enterprise production core business, analyze and process, effectively monitor by receiving data transmitted from communication equipment, or perform remote maintenance, change configuration, and parameter query through TR069, remote upgrades, etc., to promote the transformation of operating models and improve the level of intelligence and management efficiency.

Not only that, mobile communication technology has the advantages of plug-and-play and wide-area networking. It has very broad prospects for introduction in the fields of factory building or campus network construction, public utility PLC applications, etc., with the support of mobile network and Wi-Fi Tainet industrial mobile wireless routers with advanced technology can not only save the cost of traditional network construction, but also reduce the difficulty of maintaining the overall network. It can be flexibly matched and applied with high flexibility, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.

In the application range of the overall network, the introduction of optical fiber technology is also one of the indispensable construction scenarios. Through photoelectric conversion equipment, it supports the main L2 switching capability and Ethernet OAM, as a network performance monitoring and fault management to ensure that all devices in the network can work together effectively. It can also support the ring topology by enabling the backup path mechanism to improve the stability of the fiber optic backbone broadband access network. It is the best choice for wireless networks and data transmission applications. The most suitable solution.