TDM over IP Multiplexer – 4 E1 Point to Multi-point

TDM over IP (FNTU761) series allows operator to provide Ethernet data traffic and TDM E1 services such as inter-office LAN connectivity, Internet access and secure virtual private networks (VPNs). This approach extends the service over fiber, facilitating management of differentiated services up to the customer premises while ensuring service level agreement (SLA) enforcement.

TDM over IP (FNTU761) applies pseudo-wire technology that makes it possible to deliver E1 over IP, VPN, Ethernet networks. FNTU 761 supports transmission up to 4 x E1 links and 2 x Gigabit Ethernet links over a single optical fiber connection. With conformity to TDM over IP technology such as CESoPSN & SAToP, FNTU 761 is able to support both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications.

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  • Features

    • Comply with IETF draft standard for CESoPSN and SAToP; Metro Ethernet Forum MEF 8 IE
    • Supports both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint operation
    • Comply with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab and 802.3z gigabit Ethernet standard
    • Front panel test button to trigger OAM auto loopback test
    • Support SFP DDM (Digital Diagnostics Monitoring)
    • Support WDM Bi-directional SFP module with specific wavelength for various distance
    • Support copper line cable diagnostics feature
    • Comply with IEEE 802.1q Tag VLAN *
    • Support Q-in-Q function *
    • Support Dying Gasp function
    • Maximum Frame size 9K bytes
    • Ethernet bandwidth Control
    • Support IGMP Snooping and Spanning Tree function *
    • Alarm prompt indication on network failure
    • DIP Switch quick link or WEB GUI operation
  • Specifications

    • FNTU 761C, chassis line card, Gigabit Ethernet NTU (RJ-48 Connector)
    • FNTU 761CU, chassis line card, Gigabit Ethernet NTU (BNC Connector)
    • FNTU 761S, stand alone Gigabit Ethernet NTU (RJ-48 Connector)
    • FNTU 761SU, stand alone Gigabit Ethernet NTU (BNC Connector)
    Optical Interface
    • Connector type: SFP-LC
    • One port for 1000Base-X SFP modules
    • Support SFP DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring)
    • Temperature, Voltage, Current, Tx Power, Rx Power
    • For detailed wavelength and distance of SFP modules, please refer to SFP Transceivers datasheet
    Ethernet Interface
    • Connector type: Shield RJ-45 jack
    • Two ports for 10Base-T/100Base-Tx/1000-BaseT
    • Auto-MDI/MDIX detection
    • Auto-negotiation for speed and Full/Half duplex support
    • Support Ethernet cable diagnostics feature
    • Complies with IEEE 802.1q Tag VLAN (including Q-in-Q)
    • Bandwidth control and support 9K Jumbo frame
    • 802.1P priority queue control*
    • Dying Gasp
    • IGMP Snooping
    • 802.1D Spanning Tree
    TDM E1 Interface
    • Connector type: 4 standard G.703 E1 interfaces (RJ-48C) (FNTU761S/C), BNC connector (FNTU761SU/CU)
    • Line impedance : 75 ohms or 120 ohms +/- 5 % resistive
    • Line Code: HDB3
    • Line rate: 2.048Mbps ± 50ppm
    • G.704 Framing with CRC or Unframe mode support.
    • Jitter performance: compliant with ITU-T G.823
    • DS0 Bypass On/Off
    • Support Local/Remote Loopback diagnostics
    System Functions
    • SAToP/CESoPSN technology, according to IETF RFC 4533, MPLS/FR Alliance, ITU-T and MEF8 1A standards PWE3
    • Clock mode : Adaptive, Internal, Receive or DCR
    • Support TFTP/ Telnet/ HTTP protocol
    • Configuration via DIP switch, Telnet CLI, WEB GUI or SNMP
    • TFTP/HTTP firmware upgrade
    • RMON counters
    • Front panel test button for easy loop healthy testing
    • Reset button back to factory default
    • Ethernet port mirror
    • Support IEEE 802.3ah Link Layer OAM

    Ÿ Loopback test
    Ÿ Dying Gasp

    LED Indicators
    Power Requirement
    • AC/DC, DC/DC external power adapter (12V, 1A)
    • Power consumption: 6.8W
    • CE Mark
    • 86.2(W) x 172(D) x 49.6(H) mm
    Operating Environment
    • Operation Temperature: 0 o C ~ 50 o C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 o C ~ 80 o C
    • Humidity: 90%, non-condensing
  • Application