2017 - Industrial Grade G.SHDSL.bis EFM/TDM Released

  • Comet 165x/165x Industrial-grade G.SHDSL.bis V.24 / V.35 / E1 / Ethernet is released.
  • Support various interfaces include Fast Ethernet, E1, RS-232 EIA-530, X.21 and V.35 DIP switch for quick configure 8 sets of default profile.
  • Ethernet switching and bridging with VLAN prioritization and QoS

2016 - TDM over IP Multiplexer Released

  • FNTU 761 is released.
  • 4 E1 interfaces over TCP/IP network.
  • Test button to trigger OAM auto loopback test.
  • Pont to point and point to multi-point transmission.

2014 - Industrial Grade G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem Released

  • Venus 2904 4 port VoIP Gateway for SOHO/SMB is released
  • OLT8610 series, new generation of GEPON product is released
  • Industrial-grade G.SHDSL.bis modem Comet 1600R is certified for EMC EN50121-4 railway communication standards 


  • iEAC-16 multi-service solution with SNTU 764C-2W/4W/8W and VNTU 766C have been delivered in full chassis to operators and service providers worldwide. By working with COMET Series G.SHDSL.bis modems and VNTU 767 standalone VDSL2 modems, iEAC-16 has proved its versatility to satisfy customer needs.
  • Venus 2814 Series have been widely implemented for voice broadcast over IP network application.

2012 - Ethernet Access Chassis Released

  • New generation of managed iEAC-16 chassis system is produced and supports various line cards interface which include ENTU 763C, SNTU 764C, VNTU 766C and SNTU 765C
  • New Line card of SNTU 765C/4W based on G.SHDSL.bis standard is released which can be supported in iEAC-16 chassis and provide higher speed bandwidth of pure Ethernet transmission
  • New OEM model of DSL-1510G is supplied for the famous Telecommunication provider in worldwide
  • Wins the order of T-336Cx/Nx from ISP provider in Taiwan again

2011 - New VoIP Gateway Released

  • New GEPON ONU852/C20 released
  • New Voice Recorder of ATA271 is released
  • New VoIP gateway of Venus 2932/24/15 V2 are released
  • New Digital G.SHDSL Modem of Scorpio1400E is released
  • New VoIP gateway of Venus 2932S/O is released
  • New VDSL modem of NTU series is released

2010 - G.SHDSL.bis EFM Released

  • Advanced VoIP Gateway Venus 2916/2924/2932 released
  • New G.SHDSL.bis EFM/TDM dual mode Gomet 1600 series released
  • Achieved partnership with well-known TR069 ACS server provider
  • MTR-17 series being deployed in LTE backhaul network

2009 - GPON ONT Released

  • GPON ONT Model released
  • Ethernet First Mile G.SHDSL.bis modem released
  • Ethernet NTU released
  • Deployed GEPON OLT8510, ONU852/853/855 series in Telecom operators

2008 - GEPON ONU Released

  • GEPON triple play ONUs and MDU ONUs released
  • Next Generation VoIP Gateway Venus 2908 series released

2007 - GEPON OLT 8510 Released

  • GEPON ONU ODM contract awarded from Tier-1 Telecom Solution vendor
  • GEPON OLT8510, ONU852/853 released

2006 - Ethernet over SDH Muxpro Released

  • Ethernet over SDH Muxpro 820/8216 and Mercury 3630 STM-1 DACS released
  • Venus VoIP Gateway mass deployment in Europe Telecom operators
  • Venus Megaco-based VoIP Gateway released and ODM contract awarded from Tier-1 Telecom Solution vendor

2005 - SIP-based VoIP Gateway Released

  • Venus SIP-based VoIP Gateway released
  • Deployed G.shdsl modem in Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.v

2004 - LCD G.SHDSL modem Scorpio Series Released

  • Mercury series supported multiple Voice modules
  • LCD G.shdsl modem Scorpio series released
  • Cooperate with Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop Fiber optical transmission equipment

2003 - G.SHDSL Scorpio Series Released

  • G.SHDSL Scorpio series released
  • SNMP based Network Management System, UNMS, a integration NMS platform for TAINET products
  • Venus MGCP-based VoIP Gateway widely deployed in China Unicom and China Railway Signal and Communication Corp.

2002 - VoIP Gateway Venus Series, Carrier class VoIP Gateway Released

  • Venus series, Carrier class VoIP Gateway released.
  • Successfully deployed TAINET solution in major India Telecom operators

2001 - IPO in Taiwan

IPO in Taiwan


Strategic partnership with well-known vendors in VoIP

1999 - E1/T1 HDSL series released

  • E1/T1 HDSL series released
  • Moved to new factory in the Taipei Nei-Hu High-Tech Industrial Park 
  • Launch 2M MSDSL, DSL Concentrator, Mercury DACS series and E1/E3 Fiber Multiplexer.


Approved as a publicly listed company by Taiwan Securities and Futures Commission of the Ministry of Finance.


Established Moscow branch office


Acquired the new factory space in the Taipei Nei-Hu High-Tech Industrial Park


  • Established partners in Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia and Argentina.
  • T-288 series approved by Germany BZT 
  • ISO 9001 Certificated
  • DT-128 IDSL 64/128Kbps NTU released


Established Beijing TAINET branch office


World's first all-Chinese modem Network Management System

1990 - TAINET Communication System Corp. founded

TAINET Communication System Corp. founded