5G creates new opportunities

The speed of 5G network rivals the broadband network; aside its capability of constructing the network systems between branches rapidly, the enterprise can also utilize the 5G network to build dedicated low latency networks for the transmission of the security sensitive data.

VoIP Gateway Communication

We empower SMBs and Carrier class to succeed a more easier and attainable solution ever than before. We also provide the back-end equipment that you will need to quickly and easily build a seamless network for customers.

xDSL Ethernet Solution

G.SHDSL.bis products takes advantage of the latest G.SHDSL.bis standard, is a mini-terminal enabling the transport of traffic from Ethernet interface.

TDM over IP Solution

Tainet's TDM over IP allows the operator to provide Ethernet data traffic and TDM E1 services such as inter-office LAN connectivity, Internet access and secure virtual private networks (VPNs).

Copper over Fiber Connectivity

Media conversion is a cost-effective solution to extend fiber networking rather than deploying only optical fiber.