VoIP Gateway Communication

We empower SMBs and Carrier class to succeed a more easier and attainable solution ever than before. We also provide the back-end equipment that you will need to quickly and easily build a seamless network for customers.

Why SIP?

SIP helps people to communicate with computers and mobile devices over the Internet. It improves the convenience of communication nowadays. The most interesting advantage for SIP is, it reduces the communication costs. It is free between people using the SIP calls, no matter you call from locally or internationally. SIP is an efficient solution; many enterprises and organizations use SIP for internal and external communication. 

Why choose Tainet VoIP Gateway?

Tainet VoIP Gateways are cost-effective products designated for telecom operaters to provide telephony services with security-enhanced capabilities in the modern complex network. Besides, SIP protocol, we also support MEGAO and MGCP. In addition, Tainet VoIP Gateways support intelligent features like long loop, line testing, polarity reversal, caller ID, call transfer, call waiting and 3-way calling. The ideal applications include MTU/MDU, virtual PBX, IP Centrex, PBX extension and hosted telephony services.

Unified Enterprise Voice Solution

Small-Medium Enterprise Solution

IMS Voice Softswitch System Integration

VoIP Auto Provision Server Solution