Industrial G.SHDSL.bis EFM/ ATM Ethernet Router

TAINET’s Comet 160xF-R EFM/ ATM series is the so-called Ethernet Access Devices (EAD), Ethernet Media Data Converter (MDC) or Ethernet DSL Bridge/ Router/ Modem, which takes advantage of the latest G.SHDSL.bis standard. This mini-terminal enables the transport of traffic from Ethernet interface with speed of 15/ 30/ 60Mbps over EFM bonded 2/ 4/ 8 wires G.SHDSL.bis link.

Comet 160xF EFM/ ATM series supports high-speed dedicated symmetrical data transmission and utilizes DSL bandwidth. The automatic line rate adjusting can be up to 15Mbps over 2-wire copper line symmetrically. Comet 1602F-R/ 1604F-R/ 1608F-R series typically works as an Ethernet extender, with up to 8 wires that could enhance the line rate and provide aggregated bandwidth up to 60Mbps. Furthermore, Comet 160xF EFM/ ATM series is fully compatible with TAINET iEAC-16, the intelligent Ethernet access chassis. This combination is designed to work as a central office especially for long distance Ethernet Access Service. It covers the ADSL/ VDSL’s disadvantages of distance limitation by offering multi-pair bonding services.

Comet 160xF-R EFM/ ATM series is an ideal solution for Telecom Carriers, Service Providers, and business users. In order to reduce operation/ management burden, based on ITU-T recommendation G.991.2 standards, Comet 160xF EFM/ATM series can control and monitors its remote units via the Embedded Operation Channel (EOC). Administrators of Comet 160xF-R EFM/ATM series are entitled to configure the modems through DIP-Switch, Console, Telnet (SSH), Web (HTTP/ HTTPS), TR-069 or SNMP v1/ v2c/ v3 agent with ease.

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  • Feature

    • Point to point Ethernet extender over multiple copper wires
    • EFM mode complies with ITU-T G.991.2 standard, TC-PAM 4/ 8/ 16/ 32/ 64/ 128line coding and IEEE 802.3ah 2Base-TL bonding
    • ATM mode complies with RFC 1483 and RFC 2684 Multiprotocol over AAL5 bridged mode
    • 1, 2 or 4 pairs G.SHDSL.bis with 5.7Mbps per pair
    • Supports extension rate up to 60Mbps over 4 pairs of copper
    • CO and CPE mode configurable
    • Easy installation by DIP-Switches, Console, Telnet (SSH), WEB GUI(HTTPS), SNMP (v1/ v2c/ v3) or TR-069
    • Remote software upgrade for field-deployed units via TFTP or HTTP/ HTTPS
    • Ethernet switching and bridging with VLAN prioritization and QoS
    • Router function supports NAT/ PAT, DNS relay, DHCP client/ server/ relay, RIP1/ RIP2, VRRP, Static route and OSPF, BGP
    • Support TACSCA+, security-link feature and DSL line protection for data transmission
    • Console/Serial COM switchable, comply with RFC 2217, may connect via TCP client/server or UDP mode
  • Specification

    • Comet 1602F-R, 2-wire, 4 Ethernet ports
    • Comet 1604F-R, 4-wire, 4 Ethernet ports
    • Comet 1608F-R, 8-wire, 4 Ethernet ports
    Line Interface: G.SHDSL.bis
    • Type: 2, 4 or 8-wire
    • EFM Standard: ITU-T G.991.2, ETSI 101 524
    • Bonding protocol: IEEE 802.3ah EFM 2Base-TL
    • ATM Standard: RFC 1483/2684 Multiprotocol over AAL5 bridged and RFC 1577 IP over ATM
    • Line rate: n x 64Kbps, n = 3~239 (2w), 6~478 (4w), 12~956 (8w)
    • Connector: 1 x RJ-45
    • Line coding: TC-PAM 16/ 32/ 64/ 128
    • Impedance: 135 Ω
    DTE Interface: Ethernet
    • Ethernet type: 10/100BaseT
    • Connector: 4 x RJ-45
    • Auto-MDI/ MDIX detection, Full/ half duplex support
    • Auto-negotiation for speed and duplex
    • Support Layer 2 function
    • IPv4/ IPv6 supports
    DTE Interface: Serial Port
    • Serial type: RS-232C, DCE mode
    • Connector: D-Sub 9 pin
    • Data Rate: Asynchronous. 300~115200bps
    • Pattern: 5~8 data bits, Even/ Odd/ Non-parity bit, 1 or 2 stop bit
    • Protocol: RFC-2217 (Telnet), TCP (Virtual COM), UDP
    • Adaption Mode: Console, Client or Server mode
    • Configuration via DIP switches, Telnet (SSH), WEB GUI (HTTP/HTTPS), SNMP v1/ v2c/ v3 and TR-069
    • Console: DB9 connector (RS232C)
    • Local and Remote status for diagnostic
    • Supports Performance Monitoring function (PM)
    • Remote control and configuration through embedded operation channel (EOC), do not need remote IP
    • Firmware upgradeable via Web or TFTP
    • Front panel test button for easy loop healthy testing
    • Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System (TACACS+)
    • Support three access levels for administrator, operator, user, and operation log
    • Support login password complexity of 6 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, special symbols
    • Anti-camouflage attack mechanism: lock IP and delay login
    • Dying Gasp function indicates the CPE mode lost power
    Ethernet Networking function
    • IEEE 802.3x flow control
    • IEEE 802.1d transparent bridge function
    • IEEE 802.1w RSTP for loop prevention
    • IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagging, up to 4094 VLAN and VID
    • IEEE 802.1p QoS with priority queues facility
    • Bridge filter function based on source MAC addresses
    • Scalable per port bandwidth control (Step = 64K, up to 100M)
    • 2K MAC learning address
    • Ethernet packet length 9K Jumbo frame for LAN and up to 2048 bytes for WAN
    • ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection switching (ERPS)
    • Support SNTP protocol to get network time
    • DHCP Client/ Server/ Relay
    • Static Route, RIP1/ RIP2 dynamic routing, OSPF, BGP
    • Virtual Router Redundant Protocol (VRRP)
    • Point to Point over Ethernet (PPPoE) protocol support
    • Network and Port Address Translation (NAT & NAPT)
    • Virtual IP for different VLAN (LAN supports dual IP)
    • VPN provides PPTP & L2TP protocol
    • Firewall Anti-DDOS attack & ACL security protection
    LED Indicators
    • PWR, TST, ALM, CPE, DSL1~4, LAN1~4
    • Dual color LED for easy status monitoring
    Power Requirement
    • DC 18-60V (Comet 160xF-R/ DC18-60)
    • DC 9-36V (Comet 160xF-R/ DC9-36)
    • Power consumption: 8W
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management
    • CE Approval, EN 55032, 55035, 61000-3-2, 61000-3-3
    • Railway EMC 50121-4
    • 190 (W) x 145 (D) x 36 (H) mm
    Operating Environment
    • Operation Temperature: -40 °C ~ 75 °C
    • Storage Temperature: -40 °C ~ 85 °C
    • Humidity: 90%, non-condensing
    • Note: ** Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
  • Application I

    Application I

  • Application II

    Application II