TAINET releases G.SHDSL.bis EFM/ATM P2MP – Comet 160xF and Comet 160xFM

TAINET Communication System is announcing new G.SHDSL.bis EFM/ATM designed for an advanced capability. Featuring built in K.21 surge protection. It is ideal for Community (police/fire/education), utility factory and business Ethernet services, etc.

TAINET’s Comet 160xF and 160xFM EFM/ATM series is the so-called Ethernet Access Devices (EAD), Ethernet Media Data Converter (MDC) or Ethernet DSL Bridge/ Router/ Modem, which takes advantage of the latest G.SHDSL.bis standard. This mini-terminal enables the transport of traffic from Ethernet interface with speed of 15M/30/60 Mbps over EFM bonded 2/4/8 wires G.SHDSL.bis link.

Point to Multi-point – High Speed 1~4 pairs G.SHDSL Point to Multi-point Application

Party Line, Linear, Group – High speed 1~4 pairs G.SHDSL Party Line, Linear application

Comet 160xF and 160xFM EFM/ATM series supports high-speed dedicated symmetrical data transmission and utilizes DSL bandwidth. The automatic line rate adjusting can be up to 15Mbps over 2-wire copper line symmetrically. Comet 160xF and Comet 160xFM series typically works as an Ethernet extender, with up to 8wires that could enhance the line rate and provide aggregated bandwidth up to 60Mbps.Furthermore, Comet 160xF and 160xFM EFM/ATM series is fully compatible with TAINET iEAC-16, the intelligent Ethernet access chassis. This combination is designed to work as a central office especially for long distance Ethernet Access Service. It covers the ADSL/VDSL’s disadvantages of distancelimitation by offering multi-pair bonding services.

Comet 160xF and 160xFM EFM/ATM series is an ideal solution for Telecom Carriers, Service Providers and business users. In order to reduce operation/management burden, based on ITU-T recommendation G.991.2 standards, Comet 160xF and Comet 160xFM EFM/ATM series can control and monitors its remote units via the Embedded Operation Channel (EOC). Administrators of Comet 160xF and Comet 160xFM EFM/ATM series are entitled to configure the modems through DIP-Switch, Console, Telnet (SSH), Web (HTTP/HTTPS), TR-069 or SNMP v1/v2c/v3 agent with ease.

RS232 over IP – High speed 1~4 pairs G.SHDSL RFC2217 Serial Port over IP application

Ring Protection Application – High speed 1~4 pairs G.SHDSL G.8032 Ring application

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