Small-Medium Enterprise Voice Solution

During the past, the price of the voice switching system has made many small and medium-sized enterprises unable to afford and the open voice softswitch is complicated with the configuration and many problems of the stability. Currently, with Tainet Luke IP-PBX device, enterprise-class voice access exchange services can be established with limited budget.

IP-PBX is also known as Voice Softswitch Trunk Gateway. It is a comprehensive voice access switching device designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, hotels, farmhouses, residential properties, security, restaurants, entertainment place, etc. Through Luke IP-PBX, you can quickly establish extension dialing, switchboard access, conference communication, voice answering and other services in the phone.

Tainet Luke IP-PBX mini voice softswitch gateway is compatible with other VoIP gateway series. IP-PBX is able to expand up to 50 channels of voice registration standby, 12-way voice simultaneous call, WiFi wireless network access, excellent and simple WEB GUI configuration, users can quickly and conviniently enjoy the high-quality voice service brought by Luke IP-PBX.