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Tainet releasing Telecom classed APS 2.0

Tainet, a leading network equipment provider, released the latest APS 2.0 (Auto Provision Server 2.0) which provides an efficient solution for ISP to manage the gateways, STB and IP phone with lowest cost while investing efforts developing the market of 5G, IOT and IIOT.

APS2.0 is to provide VoIP integration devices and gateways a powerful management system that can easily setup at NAT or behind the firewall, all the devices will be automatically registered and up to date with APS 2.0.

APS2.0 is using standard TR-069 protocol to achieve the communication and management for ISP to have total access to installation, monitoring, status checking, and real time statistics for the listed devices. It’s a cost saving and effort saving system for ISP owning large-scaled VoIP systems. TR-069 is a mature protocol which is expandable and highly flexible for the management of remote devices. As more and more devices support TR-069, it will be no doubt that APS 2.0 is going to be a crucial part for the network industry.